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We combine scientific rigour with human insight to outdo ourselves every day so we can uplift our clients, colleagues, and—ultimately—your patients and customers.

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We walk the talk

Headquartered in Quebec’s inspirational Eastern Townships and working almost exclusively on national accounts, we attract health + wellness–minded talent that is drawn to the unique balance we offer.

Consumer awareness

Find the cultural fit that’s right for your brand as our strategic team helps you navigate consumer insights, context, and behaviour.

Prescription expertise

Well versed in the language of healthcare professionals, we place curiosity and scientific rigour at the heart of our practice.

Promises kept, always.

We’re in it for the long run. Most of our client partners have been working with us for many years, and throughout these sustained relationships we have internalized their business goals to make them ours. We care about your business as much as you do.

Parlez-vous français?

We do. And bilingualism is in our DNA. We are headquartered in the heart of the bilingual Eastern Townships of Quebec, and we have senior team members in both Montréal and Toronto. This allows us to create work in both official languages from the start, ensuring your message is never lost in translation.

Regulatory savvy

We know how to negotiate with ASC and PAAB to champion the most impactful creative for your brand. With 167 PAAB submissions in 2019 and 91.6% approval within four rounds, we’re results oriented and willing to do the work that’s required to get your brand noticed.

Award-winning work

Winner, 2021 OPMA SKUY Awards:
HCP Professional Audience - Digital

Winner, 2018 OPMA SKUY Awards:
Most Innovative Campaign

Winner, 2018 OPMA SKUY Awards:
Patient Support Materials - Digital

Winner, 2017 OPMA SKUY Awards:
Best Health Care Provider - Professional Audience

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