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Expertise in pharma makes for expert translations

Consistency, accuracy, and timeliness are of the essence when it comes to your communications, regardless of the language they are in. They also define what a quality translation is.


Our in-house language services team of over 20 trained and experienced translators draws on a broad range of skills and expertise and includes members of professional orders. This specialized team is complemented by more than 150 freelancers, many of whom have a background in the medical or pharmaceutical industry, to accommodate specialized work or increases in work volume.

Healthcare documents

  • Pharma/medical
  • Regulatory
  • Promotional material
  • Clinical research

We translate any document produced by a pharmaceutical company.

Our best practices translate into your peace of mind

We use technology for consistency and a unique and rigorous revision process for quality control.

More than words

Our creative and language teams work together to ensure your message is crafted with both official languages in mind.