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At Lemieux Bédard, you not only benefit from top-of-the-line advertising services, but you also have the advantage of working with an exceptional linguistic services team. Our agency comprises a complete internal division of translators and proofreaders who have vast expertise in the health care, pharmaceutical and clinical research spheres.


We specialize in English, French and Spanish, but can also provide linguistic services in many other languages.


Our in-house team of trained and experienced translators/reviewers is complemented by more than 140 freelancers. Many of these individuals are members of professional orders such as the OTTIAQ; some come to us from the medical and/or pharmaceutical industry.

Spheres of proficiency

Our team is adept in a multitude of translation fields (medical, pharmaceutical, legal, administrative, regulatory, clinical research, CME, human resources, public relations, marketing and sales, etc.).

Quality control

A thorough analysis, conducted by our highly qualified team of coordinators, is paired with a triple revision process to ensure unparalleled quality and standardization of our translations and revisions.

Complete linguistic services

Beyond writing, translating and proofreading, we can also attend advisory boards, write reports, create transcriptions, etc. You name the linguistic service you need and we’ll handle it for you.


We’re capable of handling large-scale translation projects within extremely tight deadlines, even on evenings, nights and weekends.

Client relations

Our warm approach to client relations is built around personal relationships, and client satisfaction is our constant and driving goal.

Glossaries and lexicons

We are experienced in the creation of personalized glossaries and lexicons.

Safety and confidentiality

We have strict confidentiality agreements, and have extremely high human and digital security standards with regards to document confidentiality.


We use a translation memory to ensure consistency for terminology, as well as cost savings for our clients. We are proficient with tools such as LogiTerm, MultiTrans and Trados, as well as their associated platform and management tools.

Pharma know-how

Industry proficiency

Professionalism, exemplary knowledge of the health care field and of stakeholders in the pharmaceutical and medical sectors (including doctors, pharmacists, nurses, representatives and patients).


The certification of translations for ethics committees, pharmaceutical companies, and other regulatory organizations attests to the exceptional quality of our work.


Translations that take the PAAB code into account; terminology discussions with the PAAB reviewers.


Types of documents translated

Regulatory material

Monographs, labels, package inserts, etc.

Promotional material

Marketing material intended for sales forces, health care professionals, patients or consumers.

Scientific material

Medical presentations intended for doctors and other health care professionals; internal sales meeting presentations, medical letters, training material, etc.

Clinical research material

Informed consent forms, adverse event reports, guidelines, tests, laboratory results, ethics correspondence, handwritten medical files, etc.

Fields of expertise

Advertising Strategy Digital Translation