Advertising Strategy Digital Translation


We start with a basic hypothesis and then we aim high. Following an in-depth analysis of your levels of competition, we deploy a strategy and develop a 360° tactical plan. Working with the most efficient marketing and communications tools available, we help you meet your objectives, whether they relate to the strategic imperatives for your brand, your target audience or specific sections of your market share.

SWOT analysis

Before jumping headlong into any project, it is essential to gather and analyze facts. We start by understanding your strengths and your challenges, as well as any opportunities you may have and any imminent threats you may be aware of. As a result, we are able to build a strategic plan that is truly representative of your situation.

Strategic planning

Regardless of what stage your product is at in its life cycle – whether you are getting ready to launch or you are rebranding – we can help support and orient your efforts in a relevant and timely way.

Tactical development plan

Big ideas and well-crafted strategy are well and good, but a plan still needs to be executed with one eye on the action plan and the other on the budget. We offer you a variety of innovative solutions (print, television, events, digital, social media, etc.) that can help you reach your goals.

Evaluation of ROI

Our agency can provide you with real-time analyses that enable you to coordinate optimized development. We can assess the ROI generated by initiatives that have been created, not only in terms of clicks and visits but also in terms of accumulated revenue and how it results from the use of promotional tools by your sales force.

Pharma know-how

Strategy born of health care

A profound understanding of varied therapeutic fields, current clinical practices, guidelines, provincial reimbursement criteria, and various regulating authorities makes us uniquely qualified to hone your marketing strategies and pave the way for your success.

paab rxd

We work hand in hand with the PAAB’s team of reviewers to ensure impeccable use of terminology, imagery and technological tools that adhere to the review agency’s standards. The resulting messages are effective, scientifically accurate and balanced. We also observe guidelines for all health care- and advertising-related organizations in Canada, such as Rx&D and Advertising Standards Canada (ASC).


Advertising Strategy Digital Translation