Advertising Strategy Digital Translation


A website or digital tool is the sum of its structure, its content and functionality. All elements merit consideration, and these are all areas where our experience, curiosity and sound judgement come into play. High-end technology is rapidly and constantly evolving; our mission is to equip you with the tools you need to stay ahead of the curve.

Strategic analysis

Each digital mandate begins with a global analysis of your situation. This allows us to determine the media platforms and structures that would best suit your digital marketing goals.

App development

Mobile technology has revolutionized the way that information is shared. We can transform your sales tools, visual aids and training materials into interactive tools that are easily accessible from a tablet or smartphone. The possibilities are endless.

Apple iOS, Android and BlackBerry operating systems

Thanks to advanced experience in the development of mobile applications, we can create digital tools within the parameters of the main operating systems in the industry. In fact, Lemieux Bédard has been developing applications certified by Apple for 5 years.

HTML5 and native applications

We can create high-performing applications for you using the right technology, and help you to distribute these tools on the AppStore, Google Play or BlackBerry World.

App distribution

Making your newly developed mobile apps readily available to your target users may seem like an overwhelming task. We are pleased to be able to guide you through the distribution process, ensuring that your app is easily accessible through a device or a dedicated Web link. Moreover, we have created the RepBook (an iOS application and CMS) to optimize the distribution of electronic marketing tools to sales representatives.

Website and microsite creation

We have the internal resources available to create exactly the site you need – from A to Z – without having to outsource or subcontract. Site design, copywriting, programming, integration and implementation are all within our reach. More importantly, we like to put ultimate control of the site within your reach by offering user-friendly CMS options that ensure you can maintain your own sites.

Web solutions

The Web brings infinite possibilities. From applications to mobile devices, blogs, chat sites, portals, extranet and intranet structures and FTP sites, we place an entire virtual toolbox at your fingertips.

Online ad creation

In advertising, it is important to know how to renew yourself. On the Web, this is even more vital since your target audience is always evolving. Capture and maintain their attention with interactive advertising, created by professionals steeped in digital and advertising expertise. Not only can we envision and create the ads you need, we can tell you where to position them for maximum impact.


Safe, secure, and user-friendly: we cover the three basics of the online standard for commercial transactions, creating e-commerce sites that are safe and easy for consumers to use, and secure for the companies running them.


Today, digital marketing is at the heart of many marketing strategies. Our solid experience in the e-development, e-programming and e-sending of targeted HTML e-mail campaigns means that you can effectively reach your target audience while still respecting Canada’s anti-spam legislation.

Web contest organization and management

The Web makes it easier than ever to establish, manage and track a contest, breathing new life into a time-honoured tactic. We can handle all aspects of a contest, from managing legal regulations and online registration to prize fulfilment and follow-up.

Animation and video work

From creating a storyboard to managing post-production, we can help you with your animation and video needs. We can set the artistic direction for a production or simply offer you support and advice throughout the process, or we can go as far as developing videos, animations, clips and interlayers (televisual bumpers). The dexterity of our team members (equipped with thorough knowledge of Flash, After Effects and Premiere) promises communications – whether viral or traditional – that project your image in style!

Reports and Google Analytics

To measure the performance of the tools we create for you, we provide you with detailed reports that show you everything: the number of clicks per specific section, the pages being skimmed versus those being overlooked, and more. By aligning our strategy with the results of these analyses, it is possible to reorient our approach, adjust our strategy in real-time based on what’s current, or take advantage of opportunities to develop parallel projects on the Web, social media or by creating a complementary tool. Keyword analysis, organic search engine optimization (SEO) and crawlability also fall under our preliminary services.

Social media

Social media have become integral to Web-based communications; in today’s highly connected world, they are a must. These tools allow you to regularly interact and share information with your customers – a necessity when it comes to building and maintaining relationships. Whether you are on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, TripAdvisor or another social platform, Lemieux Bédard can create a strategy for you, put that strategy into action – and even maintain it.

Pharma know-how

Specialized solutions for your sales force and for health care professionals

Our Web and interactive services team has mastered the creation of applications intended for the pharmaceutical field. Our expertise covers all imaginable tools: visual aids, interactive patient cases, apps to determine the dosage of a medication to be administered or to encourage the therapeutic observation of patients, etc. To offer you the best, most up-to-date Web design services available, we participate in conferences and other training sessions and ensure we remain in tune with current industry trends.

Advertising Strategy Digital Translation