Advertising Strategy Digital Translation


Our creative team greets daily challenges equipped with a myriad of new ideas, millions of colours, and a knowledge of both official languages. At Lemieux Bédard, we’re built for total self-sufficiency: we handle all projects internally – from beginning to end – ensuring the creative process remains simple, streamlined, and productive.

Integrated campaigns

From point-of-purchase promotions to online advertising, direct mail campaigns to billboards, we strike the perfect balance between print and digital marketing to help you achieve your promotional goals.

Brand identity and image

A strong image is key to branding success. It introduces your brand; it defines and symbolizes your business. Whether you are looking to choose a name for a product, develop a logo, draft a positioning statement, create brand identity, or fine-tune your branding and graphic guidelines, we can do it all.


The best-presented product is often the first one off the shelves. For this reason, we offer packaging design services that range from initial conception of a design to management of ready-to-print products. Packaging that highlights your know-how is bound to attract attention, foster recognition, establish your reputation and encourage brand loyalty.

Graphic design and production

Our strength is turning good ideas into excellent results. We have on-site access to everything necessary for the complete execution of your projects. Our total self-reliance not only results in increased efficiency, but also offers our clients up-to-the-minute project tailoring and incredible flexibility – even for last-minute requests.

Creative and medical copywriting

Whether your message is intended for the public at large or is geared toward health care professionals, we make sure that the tone and meaning of your communications resonate with your various target audiences. We always respect the essence of your message and the market it is intended for. When it comes to Canadian campaigns, our work is not simply translated into French or English – it is jointly created by our French and English copywriting teams.

Development of thematic events

Every event is special – but some really need to stand out. Let us help you transform your sales meetings into inspiring events and your kiosks into rallying points. We can help create experiences that are unforgettable – for both you and your guests.

Art direction for photo shoots

One of the ways to design extraordinary advertising campaigns is to start with incredible photos. Let us manage the artistic direction of your photo shoot and help capture the pivotal images that will bring your brand’s identity to life.

Pharma know-how

PAAB expertise

Through years of experience working with the PAAB, we have developed a thorough understanding of this review agency’s goals, methods and procedures. Our experience enables us to create content that conforms to the current code and, ultimately, helps us shepherd projects through the approval process.


Advertising Strategy Digital Translation