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Traducteur-réviseur en recherche clinique

Job details
Poste à temps plein ou à temps partiel à nos bureaux de Sherbrooke

Description du poste
Dans le cadre de ses fonctions, l’employé devra appuyer l’équipe des Services linguistiques en traduisant et en révisant des textes dans le cadre de divers projets du domaine de la recherche clinique (formulaires de consentement éclairé, correspondance, protocoles de recherche, dossiers médicaux de patients, etc.). Le traducteur-réviseur sera aussi appelé à participer activement à la coordination des comptes clients et à l’évaluation des projets dans l’exécution de ses tâches.

Exigences/compétences recherchées
• 3 ans d’expérience en traduction (atouts : connaissance de Logiterm ou de l’univers de la recherche clinique, ou toute autre expérience connexe dans le domaine médico-pharmaceutique)
• Expérience en révision et en service à la clientèle un atout

• Excellentes aptitudes à la traduction et à la révision
• Capacité à travailler sous la pression et à mener plusieurs projets de front
• Sens de l’organisation, rapidité d’exécution et attitude proactive
• Capacité à travailler en équipe et à épauler ses collègues
• Rigueur professionnelle, efficacité et capacité d’adaptation

Description de l’entreprise
Fondée il y a 25 ans, l’agence de publicité Lemieux Bédard se distingue par son approche humaine, par l’authenticité de ses rapports avec la clientèle et par l’expertise qui lui a permis de mettre sur pied un important volet santé. Depuis l’environnement naturel et dynamique de Sherbrooke, en Estrie, elle sert une clientèle essentiellement composée d’importantes sociétés de Montréal et de Toronto œuvrant surtout dans le secteur pharmaceutique.

Front-End Developer

Job details
Full-time position in our Sherbrooke office.

Company description:

Founded over 25 years ago, Lemieux Bédard is an advertising agency located in the natural and dynamic environment of Sherbrooke, in the Eastern Townships of Québec. Our clientele is mainly composed of large companies based in Montréal and Toronto.

We are looking for a skilled Front-End Developer with a passion for building awesome websites and mobile applications to join our team.


We constantly push our developers to learn and improve. You will work with project managers, designers, and a team of Web developers to determine the best practices to improve user experience for each project. You will be required to implement SEO, accessibility, and optimizing methods. You should be comfortable with cross-browser testing and be well-versed in the main languages used in this function, HTML5, CSS and Javascript.

Required knowledge:
• CSS – Sass – Twitter Bootstrap
• JavaScript – jQuery/MooTools
• Photoshop

• ECMAScript 2015
• React

The candidate must have a minimum of two years’ experience in front-end development. Must be an effective communicator and problem-solver who is able to work in a collaborative manner with the rest of the team. The candidate must be analytical, positive, attentive to detail, and accustomed to working within tight deadlines.

Process and Quality Control Analyst

Job details
Full-time position in our Sherbrooke office.

Company description:

Founded over 25 years ago, Lemieux Bédard is an advertising agency located in the natural and dynamic environment of Sherbrooke, in the Estrie region. Our clientele is mainly composed of large companies based in Montréal and Toronto.


As a main responsibility, the candidate we are seeking will establish and implement quality control processes for varied Web and mobile application projects. Secondly, the candidate will be responsible for optimizing, implementing and modifying the operational processes of the different divisions at Lemieux Bédard. The employee will also be responsible for mastering the project management tool (Redmine) that is currently in use with a view to becoming the chief administrator.

To accomplish this, the candidate must be well-acquainted with the technologies and intrinsic processes related to the creation of Web projects and applications, and must be able to adapt test plans according to the changes that occur during the course of a project. The desired candidate will contribute to the realization of stimulating projects and will ensure that the agency’s clients are entirely satisfied with the work performed.

Key roles:

• Participate in the testing development process (establish steps, write procedures, etc.).
• Help with manual and automated test process creation.
• Prepare project sample cases and establish the criteria and the standards to respect according to project type.
• Run tests on different platforms (PC, Mac, iOS, Android), and document and analyze the results of these tests.
• Analyze problems and solutions with the developer team.
• Write test reports for our clients.
• Propose improvements to internal processes in order to ensure that projects follow the proper course in a rapid and constantly evolving production context.
• Implement tools to measure and analyze the performance of different company divisions (Web, studio, linguistics, administration, etc.).


• Minimum three years of experience required in the field of website and application quality control.
• Must have excellent technical knowledge of Web technologies and applications.
• Must be acquainted with automated test tools.
• Must demonstrate very good organization skills.
• Must know Agile methodology.
• Must have a good command of English. Experience with Redmine is an asset.

Senior Strategic Planner (English)

Job details
A full-time position in our Sherbrooke office

The position

The Senior Strategic Planner is responsible for strategic and creative direction, as well as the creation of strategies and tactics developed by the ad agency. He or she will support the writing team in their tasks, and also guide digital and print work teams in the creation of concepts. The Senior Strategic Director will work with national clients and major portfolios in exchange for a highly competitive salary.


• Undergraduate degree in marketing, administration or a related field
• Seven or more years in strategic/tactical development at an advertising agency, marketing service, or similar level of experience
• Absolute mastery of written and spoken English, French an asset
• Strong presentation skills before English-language clients


• Creative, innovative and adaptable; capable of finding solutions and coming up with interesting and compelling ideas
• Superior English writing skills and the ability to revise and direct the work of colleagues
• Dynamic, polyvalent, capable of self-organization and self-management
• The ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines
• The ability to understand, synthesize, and satisfy the needs of our company as well as the needs of its clients
• Ability and willingness to work smoothly and efficiently

The company

For 25 years, Lemieux Bédard has stood out among ad agencies thanks to its people-first approach, close client relationships, and a robust health care division built on decades of expertise. Located in Sherbrooke, Quebec, a town that combines the best of city and country living, it serves a clientele composed mainly of major Canadian companies based in both Montreal and Toronto.

Account Director

Job details
Full time in our Sherbrooke, Quebec office

Job description

Reporting to the Vice-President, Advertising Services, the Account Manager works to ensure the development, management and follow-up of national accounts assigned to him/her. Responsibilities cover most notably the creation of print and Web projects, with the primary goal of ensuring client satisfaction and acting as an external point of contact and as a leader for the internal team.

Skills and training

• BA in communications, marketing, the sciences or a related field.
• At least five years’ experience in an agency as an account director, or equivalent experience
• Mastery of French and English, both oral and written


• Dynamic, meticulous, highly responsible and organized
• Aptitude for interpersonal relationships and team management
• Able to work under pressure and within very tight deadlines

Company description

Founded 25 years ago, Lemieux Bédard is an advertising agency located in Sherbrooke, Quebec – a blend of the great outdoors and a dynamic urban environment. Its clientele is largely Montreal- and Toronto-based, consisting mainly of companies in the pharmaceutical and retail goods sectors.

General Consideration

Job details
Submit your CV for general consideration should a position become open. We keep all submissions on file for six months following receipt. Please check back again to see if any more specific openings have become available.

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